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Colourjet 3D Printing (CJP)

A form of Binder Jetting

What is Colourjet 3D Printing?

Colourjet 3D printing is a form of binder jetting. A powdered medium made out of a polymer is spread in thin layers within a container before being cemented in place using a binding agent. The binding agent is made from photocurable resin. It is deposited on the powder using a print head with many nozzles similar to that used on traditional 2D printers. At the same time a small number colours are mixed and applied to give the layer currently being printed a distinct colour.

An ultra violet (UV) light is then passed over the resin to cure the layer before another layer is spread.

Colourjet printing is similar to Multijet printing, however the main difference is that there is no heat applied to melt the polymer material. The parts produced by Colourjet technology are held together by the UV cured resin alone.

When to use Colourjet Printing

Colourjet printing should be used for applications requiring large models with realistic colours. This could include medical models, architectural models or other applications where a part does not need to be physically strong. Colourjet printing should not be used to produce parts for machinery or products which will experience significant forces as it is likely to break. The only thing holding the part together is the resin used to bind each layer.

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