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PA6 (Nylon 6) Material Properties - Polyamide 6 

Nylon 6 Material Summary

Polyamide, more commonly known as Nylon, has a wide range of applications due to its strength and resistance to heat which can be improved with additives. Similar to Acetyl, it is a low friction plastic and is commonly used in moving parts such as gears and sliders. Nylon is usually preferred when a plastic is required in a high temperature or rough environment due to its heat resistance and toughness. Nylon 6 is susceptible to chemical damage from acids and bases and is also very sensitive to wet environments as it absorbs water.

Injection moulded glass filled nylon 6 part (PA6)

The information above has been collected through standardised tests  (ASTM International) and serves only as a rough guide for material selection. 

Nylon 6 Material Properties

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