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What is Plastic Extrusion?

Plastic Extrusion is a common process for producing high volume, low cost plastic parts of continuous geometry. Plastic pellets are melted and pushed through a die to produce a continuous profile which can then be cut to size, milled or machined to produce the final product.


Plastic extrusion provides a low cost solution for parts which have a continuous profile. Plastic extrusion allows for:

  • High volume orders at lower production costs than other traditional methods.
  • Flexibility in design - both complex or simple profiles possible.
  • Tight tolerances on small and large parts.​
  • Coextrusion to improve strength and wear resistance.

Plastic extrusions can also be readily cut, shaped and formed to the part's final geometry through a variety of post processing methods.


At Afaridan Plastics, we use a transparent and collaborative approach to each extrusion project, helping us to efficiently and effectively work with our clients - whether they be entrepreneurs or companies with designated design teams. Our approach has been developed over time with input from some of the industry's most prominent OEMs, allowing work to be completed in substantially less time than conventional approaches.

Being Perth's price leaders on short and long run plastic extrusions, Afaridan Plastics is dedicated to smart, inventive and practical manufacturing methods. We constantly look for opportunities to reduce tooling costs, and improve the quality of each extrusion cycle.


We offer a variety of extrusion methods and services to suit the needs of our clients, including:

Extrusion tooling and dies for own use



Manual or automatic cutting

Simple and complex profiles

Continuous extrusions

Rely on us to suit your order, whether it be large or small.



Afaridan Plastics has 25 years of experience in plastic extrusions, giving us a unique perspective on each project. We are committed to productive relationships with our customers, and strive to produce the best quality products possible.

As your plastics manufacturing partner, we’ll guide you towards the best manufacturing methods matching your needs for each of your runs. As your product grows, we’ll adjust our methods to be more efficient for larger production. We’ll review each manufacturing cycle for opportunities to improve the turnaround time while maintaining tight tolerances.

Afaridan Plastics has experience with a wide range of custom automotive, marine, building and industrial extrusions, including:

  • Plastic bumpers and rails

  • Plastic mouldings

  • Specialised tubes and piping

  • Door and window seals

  • Plastic tracks and bumpers


We can provide advice and quotes on anything - from an idea or simple sketch to complex 3D CAD models. Give us a call today!

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