Driven By Success & Innovation

Afaridan Plastics has been operating in Perth and internationally for over 25 years, striving to deliver quality plastic products at competitive prices, in the shortest turnaround time possible.


Our staff at Afaridan Plastics have a close history with plastic part and machine manufacturing - responsible for designing and building frugal and innovative industrial vacuum forming machines in the past. It is with the knowledgeable and experienced staff behind Afaridan that allows us to efficiently and effectively produce parts regardless of whether it's a short run batch, high volume contract or small prototyping order.

Throughout our history, we have helped entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations alike achieve their product goals through smart design, continuous improvement and exceptional service, helping us become a leading plastic parts manufacturer.


Collaborative. Transparent. Flexible.

At Afaridan Plastics, we pride ourselves on working with our clients through the manufacturing process to ensure that all design needs are met and any potential improvements in design are explained and discussed.

Based on the idea or drawings of the product and material specified, we will identify the optimum design to get the most out of each manufacturing process. Our engineers will generate a detailed drawing, and collaborate with our client’s team on any new iterations, helping to produce superior outcomes for our clients.

Once the final drawings are completed, approved and commercial terms are agreed on, we will produce a tool set and begin manufacturing your part. Our engineers and toolmakers monitor the new tool to optimise production and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the best possible results.

Afaridan Plastics has extensive experience in designing and making tooling that optimises the extrusion, injection and forming of thermoplastics. We also understand the intricacies of each machine and how it can impact the material being worked. We know how our tooling can be optimised to control these factors, bringing you the best results possible.

Our commitment is to work with you to achieve consistent, exceptional results for every project.

Plastic Manufacturing Process