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What is Tool Design?

Tool design refers to the specifications needed to fulfil the tooling requirements for a manufacturing job. Proper tool design ensures that dies, moulds, patterns and cutting equipment are optimised to meet the specifications of an order. Having proper tooling can improve mould durability, manufacturing efficiency and avoid the costs associated with replacement tooling.


In house tool design allows for greater design flexibility. Take comfort in the fact that your tool will be produced and optimised by our expert toolmakers at Afaridan Plastics. We'll make sure:

  • The tool being made will be right for your part and application.
  • Our tooling uses the best CAD / CAM software in the industry, with precise tool making programs.
  • Tight tolerances will be maintained.
  • Your tool will be built to last.
  • Timing will be closely monitored to ensure tight schedules are met.

Afaridan Plastics maintain a high standard of tool design and maker, and prides ourselves that behind a good quality product, is an outstanding tool set.


At Afaridan Plastics, our tool design services use a combination of top of the line design software and in-house CNC machines to develop the best possible tooling for your part. Not only will this save you time and money, but we will ensure your tooling is built to last and run at maximum efficiency. We draw upon 25 years of experience of making our own tooling for our clients, and continuously look for new, innovative ways to improve the efficiency of our processes without compromising quality.

Our streamlined full-service manufacturing capabilities mean that we can design, develop and implement tooling in-house to ensure fast turnaround times for our clients. Our methods ensure that parts are cost-effective, and manufactured to the highest quality. We design for:

​​Consistent precision

for selected part materials 

Fast re-tooling & easy maintenance 

Durable material

selection to suit tool lifespan

Multiple cavity dies & moulds

Compatibility with semi-automated, automated & robotic processes

Choose Afaridan Plastics as your preferred tool design and making partner.


At Afaridan Plastics, our history of tool making stretches back far - creating parts for industries ranging from mining, consumer electronics and food goods, to automotive and subsea. We understand how tool life and performance can be impacted depending on the application and part material used, and how we can design for this.


We work with only quality materials to ensure the best quality tooling, and ensure quality control is maintained at every stage of the tool making process. 

Depend on our plastics manufacturing experience to deliver the tooling you need for your project. We can offer services in our Perth or overseas facilities to suit the needs and specifications of our clients.  We offer our services for:

  • Mass production injection moulds and parts


  • Rapid injection moulds and parts

  • Low-volume injection moulds and parts

  • Production tools reducing operator workload

  • Tooling re-design and process optimisation

  • Plastic ejectors & robotic systems to improve cycle times

  • Moulds designed to reliably move without collision

  • Roll-in support reducing set-up times

  • Re-configurable tooling


We can provide advice and quotes on anything - from an idea or simple sketch to complex 3D CAD models. Give us a call today!

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