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What is Vacuum & Thermoforming?

Vacuum forming and thermoforming are high-volume manufacturing methods used to create thin-walled parts. A plastic sheet is heated over a mould, and the air underneath is sucked out from below. This creates an imprint in the shape of the mould, and the part is ejected.


Vacuum forming & Thermoforming provides a highly efficient way of producing large amounts of thin walled plastic parts. Tooling and startup costs are usually cheaper than other traditional methods involving moulds or dies operating at higher pressures, and parts can be produced faster and more efficiently.

Vacuum forming and Thermoforming allows:

  • High volume production of thin-walled parts.
  • Textured or patterned surfaces using pre-coloured plastic sheets.
  • Lower start-up costs and inexpensive design adjustments.
  • Large freedom of design, with small detail possible.

Using plastic sheets mean that a variety of colours, textures and patterns are readily available and do not need to be added into the mould or added in post-processing.


At Afaridan Plastics, our team follows our unique approach and draws on extensive experience and smart project management to efficiently allocate resources - ensuring high-quality parts at lower costs for our clients. Our experience in vacuum forming ensures that sheet properties, wall thickness, part orientation and moisture content are taken into consideration for your project. We will work with you to optimise your design to get the most out of the vacuum forming and thermoforming processes.

We keep a range of sheets in stock, with custom sheet colours and polymers easily available through our material partners. This translates greater material flexibility, and a faster turnaround time. At Afaridan Plastics, we provide a range of scalable industrial thermoforming and vacuum forming services including:


pressure forming

Automated & semi-automated trimming processes


pressure forming

Count on Afaridan Plastics to provide solutions to your vacuum forming or thermoforming projects.



Afaridan Plastics is committed to working with our clients to deliver exceptional quality and service, regardless of how small or large the order. We have experience servicing a wide range of industries, and have made products including:

  • Exterior and interior forms for utes and trucks

  • Abrasion & wear protection for mining process equipment

  • Housings for electronics & appliances

  • Bulk food processing & liquid storage containers

  • Machinery, refrigeration & air conditioning cases

Our staff has a deep understanding of thermoforming processes and part design, having developed industrial thermoforming machines in the past. We offer competitive prices regardless of batch size, with the flexibility of producing in Australia or in our larger overseas facilities for high-volume orders. Count on Afaridan to deliver:

  • Prompt start & completion dates

  • Accurate & efficient trimming

  • Certification of raw materials

  • Continuous batch improvements

  • Precise shaping & dimensioning

  • Competitive national & international freight rates


We can provide advice and quotes on anything - from an idea or simple sketch to complex 3D CAD models. Give us a call today!

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