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What is Blow Moulding?

Blow moulding is a common plastic manufacturing process used to produce hollow parts with thin walls such as plastic bottles, containers, cases, fuel cans, plastic packaging and hollow plastic drums. Blow moulding is the most efficient and economical method for producing these types of items in large quantities. As experts in blow moulding, we are able to achieve many different shapes and designs.


Blow moulding involves injecting air into a soft, heated plastic tube as it is enclosed in a mould cavity. This forces the plastic to expand into the mould, assuming its shape. The plastic cools and the mould is then removed to reveal the final product.


Blow moulding is a manufacturing method for producing hollow plastic shapes. Blow moulding comes with the following advantages:

  • Blow moulding is a cost effective method for high volumes!
  • Can achieve certain complex and negative shapes.
  • Blow moulding is perfect for making plastic bottles and plastic containers.​
  • Blow moulding can be used for small bottles to large storage drums.
  • Blow moulding is easy to automate for mass production.
  • A variety of suitable material types, colours and textures to choose from.
  • Blow moulding method produces a high-quality product.

Blow moulded products are limited only by the wall thickness of the part and the fact that the part has to be hollow. Beyond this, the speed and efficiency of blow moulding makes it the preferred process for the large-scale production of hollow plastic items.


Our team at Afaridan Plastics are experts on blow moulding processes and are always excited to work with our customers, even if this is your first time blow moulding a product! We have experience working with a wide variety of thermoplastics ranging from common plastics such as PET to specialised engineering plastics with additives to improve properties such as strength and UV stability. This allows us to serve small businesses and large industries such as the automotive, construction, medical and aerospace industries.


Whether you want to develop a new product from scratch or just start manufacturing, we can assist you through any stage of your project.

Our engineers are there to work with you throughout the entire life cycle of your project and will also provide solutions to any problems or questions you may have. We will advise you on all the in's and out's of product design and common mistakes to prevent additional costs and minimise fuss. We will ensure that the tools, moulds and materials we use for your product meet quality standards and pass internal testing before production is started.

We can use your mould or design a custom mould for you with our in-house design team to meet your requirements. The moulds are designed using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software by our experienced engineers. They can help you select the right texture of your part, the placement of your parting lines and optimise the design to make sure that your mould will retain its quality over the entire production run. We also offer services to produce lids, handles and other features to accompany your part.

In addition, our team is equipped to handle any order size in a timely manner. We can get your design finalised and in production very quickly to suit busy schedules by coordinating through our Perth and overseas facilities. We pride ourselves on meeting tight deadlines and will work with you to ensure that your products are delivered on time with minimal delays.

In addition to our excellent customer service, product quality assurance and quick production turnaround, we can accommodate:

  • Small & large batch orders

  • In-house tool design and tool-making

  • Multiple cavity dies and moulds

  • Post-production, assembly and additional part services

  • Annual contracts with monthly inventory updates



At Afaridan Plastics, our culture of innovation and continuous improvement means that your product will be delivered successfully - at low cost, high precision and at the fastest turnaround time. We will work with you to produce your part the way you envisioned it, from the design stage to the final product. Whether you require a short-term or long-term production run, you can depend on Afaridan Plastics to provide you with exceptional service and product quality.

We've been a leader in plastics manufacturing for over 25 years, ensuring quality standards are met at every step of the blow moulding process. We've streamlined our manufacturing to be as cost-effective as possible, with in-house design, tooling and moulding capabilities. 

Rely on us to suit your order, whether it be large or small.


We can provide advice and quotes on anything - from an idea or simple sketch to complex 3D CAD models. Give us a call today!

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