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What is Injection Moulding?

Plastic injection moulding involves heating plastic pellets under a high temperature and pressure to form molten plastic. The molten plastic is then pushed through a nozzle into a die (the injection moulding tool) which contains the pattern for the part being manufactured. The plastic then cools and the part is ejected from the die, before the process repeats again with an empty die cavity.

Injection moulding Perth


Plastic injection moulding is a high volume manufacturing method capable of producing multiple complex parts in a single cycle. Injection moulding allows for:

  • Fast production.
  • Highly complex geometry and moulded-in features such as bosses, undercuts, snap-fits, hinges and holes.
  • Tight tolerances on small and large parts possible.
  • High quality surface properties and finishes.
  • Enhanced strength using fillers.
  • Multiple materials can be co-injected at the same time.
  • Easy to automate for mass production.

Plastic injection moulding requires hardly any work after ejection, as the process produces a good surface finish. The process generates little waste, as scrap plastic can be reground and re-used.


At Afaridan Plastics, our culture of innovation and continuous improvement means that your product will be delivered successfully - at low cost, high precision and at the fastest turnaround time. We understand how injection methods, flow rates, cooling times, material types and mould design can affect your finished product. Our engineering team will work with you to identify the optimum part design based on the variables at play in the injection moulding process.


We've been manufacturing plastic products for over 25 years, ensuring quality control at every step of the injection moulding process. We've streamlined our manufacturing to be as cost-effective as possible, with in-house design, tooling and moulding capabilities. The injection moulding methods we offer include:

Plastic Injection

Moulding, any size


Blow Moulding

Micro Injection


Insert Moulding

Compression Injection Moulding

Multi-component Injection Moulding

Rely on us to suit your order, whether it be large or small.



We have experience working with a range of different polymers and have in stock a variety of thermoplastics suiting the needs of our clients - from basic, commonly used polymers all the way to specialised engineering grades. 

From the wide variety of industries we serve ranging from mining, automotive, construction and aerospace to consumer goods, we have experience using a range of injection moulding polymers including virgin polymers, reprocessed polymers and polymers with material additives such as UV inhibitors, flame retardants and glass fibers.

Our system and process can provide full trace-ability when required. At Afaridan Plastics, we have the flexibility to suit the requests of any order size and to tight schedules by coordinating either through our overseas office for large scale orders or in our Perth office for smaller orders.

We can minimise additional post-processing and tool-making times through our own capabilities, while providing:

  • Small & large batch orders

  • In-house tool design and tool-making

  • Multiple cavity dies and moulds

  • Assembly services

  • Annual contracts with monthly inventory updates


We can provide advice and quotes on anything - from an idea or simple sketch to complex 3D CAD models. Give us a call today!

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